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It's nice to see so many new faces around here. I can walk past…

Winnage in journal form

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It's nice to see so many new faces around here. I can walk past these people and not have my ass grabbed. It is a shame that there's not much to welcome them with right now... There must be something we can do, honey, hmmm~?
  • Really, now? *raises brow* Have the boys been up to anything that I don't know about? Hm? *glances at the young semes. glaring behind those shades*

    Since I forgot about the newcomers I say the trip shall also have a welcome-party there! Although that'd be more planning on my end..
    But it'll be done!
  • ((I like random crack better cause it actually HAPPENS.... D:))
    • ((True.. *nods* We;ll just leave it at that.. shhh! I was just.. trying to type something at the time.

      I have this vision of Niwa on a random stage in Vegas, singing 'Omi doesn't know' Normally, I would leave the less-important characters behind, but he's gotta come to get wasted. I'm sorry to annoy you and Kaoru with him. XDDD..)))
  • Oh, "accidents," of course. All trying to be manly men, *sigh*
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