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Saiga... When you asked if I liked dresses, this isn't quite what I…

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Saiga... When you asked if I liked dresses, this isn't quite what I had in mind...

*trying to pull down her French maid!skirt as much as she can*

And why am I the only girl wearing one of these?

((Something for you to do when you're bored, dear~ XD))
  • You don't like it? But the boys aren't complaining about it. *looks at some ukes he managed to catch and roped them into dressing up, too*

    My dear~.... Not ALL of the boys around here play for the home-team, if you catch my drift. ;D

    ((Sorry... I'm going to bed nao. BUT. I'll start claiming this thread again after school. >:))

  • How, may I ask, were you able to get the correct measurements? *probably does not want to know*
    • .... I have my ways, kid. Maybe I'll tell you some other time.

      Maybe. ;D
      • *kind of doesn't want to know either but kind of DOES because he's one of the ones forced into a damn dress*

        Why, for the love of all things holy, why did I get them as "adoptive parents"...?
    • I think they're cute! And they do fit quite well! *swishes his skirt*
    • Come on, little one. You know you love your Papa!Saiga and Mommy!Kakei~. *hugs Soren... making the height difference pretty obvious by how he's lifting him off his feet now* Who can spoil you with all these hand-made nice clothes and... stuff!

      You couldn't ask for anyone better~. XP *squeezes*
      • o___o *straining his words* Put... me... down... now--!
        • But I'm also protecting you from Sir I-got-so-buff-in-3-years-with-steroids and Sir tall-green-and handsome certain people, in a sense. =P
          *just annoying him at this point, but decides to let him go*

          Just let me take a picture or two, though!

          ((ooc: But we all know Soren would rather take his chance of that rather than endure Saiga!bear hugs. XD ))
      • ...I hate you. I hate you both so much I can't express it in words. -___-
      • *smirk* *pets Soren after he put on a red Gothic Lolita frilly headband ontop of Soren's head, that also had a bow on it*

        Why little Soren did not want to let me down and so he wanted to try it on for me...

        He understood the hard work that Papa Saiga put into these. And the patterns of each outfit that I spent almost a whole night on just planning and making.

        Each one hand-made and fabrics specifically picked to flatter each of the receivers...

        Who wouldn't want an outfit like that~? =P

        ((Guilt-tripping on purpose, much? XD))
        • *eyetwitch* I don't care how much work you put into making us look ridiculous. I really, really don't.
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