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Who: Ike, Soren Where: Soren's room When: I think about the same time…

Winnage in journal form

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Who: Ike, Soren
Where: Soren's room
When: I think about the same time as Kuro and Fai's scene.. or pretty muich right after Ike said he'd come see him. ((O.o))
What: .....*whistles innocently*
Warnings: Uh... Guy/Guy-ness? *blink*

Just after Ike had typed his reply to Soren, he gets up from his chair and then heads over to see his friend.

He knows how sick Soren can get when he gets ill. This was also a reason this concerned Ike. And he still had no clue on why Soren was sick to begin with.
That's something he'll have to pry out of Soren, as much as he hates to.

While he knocked, he turned at the knob, finding out it was unlocked.
Raising an eyebrow in curiousity, Ike makes his way in the room.

"Soren?" he peeks in as he opened the door.
  • Soren gave a small, content sigh as Ike nuzzled him, his consciousness slipping closer and closer to the temptation of sleep. Even his fever seemed to be calming down just a bit, as if Ike's very presence scared it away. He felt a slight sensation as the cloth traced over his collarbone, but his exhaustion beckoned him not to react.
    • After seeing this sight, Ike knew for sure he had a feeling of posessive-ness come over him. He knew for sure he wasn't going to trust anyone else taking care of Soren, so he decides he will until he gets better.

      Right now, the blue-clad man doesn't know whether he should leave Soren now or not. So he still is kneeled right beside the bed, now letting his hand run along Soren's hair and face. Like some sort of guard dog keeping an eye out for its mate.

      I'm trying not to kick myself over this, but.... He has such.. face when he sleeps.. he admits in a whisper.
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