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Who: Fai and Kurogane Where: Kuro-wanwan's room When: Probably…

Winnage in journal form

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Who: Fai and Kurogane
Where: Kuro-wanwan's room
When: Probably sometime in the evening
What: >D
Warnings: Leik manpr0n. ...Or not.

Fai's eyes squinted before blinking open, a groggy haze slowly lifting from his head. A small mumbling noise came from him as he shuffled, surveying his surroundings. The thoughts of what had happened started to collect, and he quickly looked up to see Kurogane lying next to him. Despite his plans to keep an eye on the ninja, Fai had fallen asleep as well. He couldn't tell if Kurogane was awake or not, but he assumed him still asleep since he was the one who was sick, after all.
  • Kurogane started coming to when he felt a shift from beside him.
    'When did I fall asleep?', the ninja asked himself. He opens his eyes, and he finds Fai awake. But it seems like the mage is looking at something else.

    "Oi. Since when did I let you stay in the same bed with me?" he asks, almost twitching as he poked Fai in the side to get his attention.
    • Fai squirmed and suppressed a squealing noise when Kurogane poked his sensitive side. "You wanted me to stay..." he reminded the ninja, trying to hide the broad grin creeping on his face.
      • Kurogane mutters. Because he then recalled yesterday and realized that the mage wasn't lying. Even though he still felt a bit hot, at least he wasn't freaking burning up like last time.

        He raised a brow at Fai's squirming from his poke. So, with curiousity, Kurogane poked Fai once more on the same side.
        • Twitching into a ball, a yelp came from the mage, his face turning bright red and a hand covering his mouth immediately afterwards. "Don't do that," he whined, still unable to fight the stupid grin that tickling caused.
          • After a few moments of blinking in confusion at Fai, Kurogane then caught on and put on a smirk.

            "Don't do what?" he asks, poking the smaller man once more and still grinning wolf-ish like.
            • "That!" Fai all but shrieks, kicking randomly at Kurogane. He tried twisting over onto his back, but the ninja quickly caught onto other sensitive areas. Fai's helpless flailing is accompanied by uncontrollable laughter as the other man assaults him.
              • "Define 'that'." he replies, making a bit of a growl in the process, somewhat annoyed with Fai's flailing.

                In order to make sure Kurogane doesn't get hit by Fai's flailing limbs, he then makes a pounce, making sure Fai's arms are still and he was leaning over him.
                • "Mmh!" Fai whined, puckering his lips into his mouth to try and control hs laughter. Realizing his shirt was pulled up, Fai squirmed underneath Kurogane, trying to cover his sensitive stomach without being too obvious o about trying to hide it.
                  • Smirking, Kurogane leans a little closer to pull the shirt a little higher up and be a bit closer to Fai, now just letting his fingers graze Fai's exposed skin. Wether even that tickled the mage or not, he does not know.

                    (((OOC: .....See what happens when I get distracted! T.T))
                    • Fai's face flushed and he inhaled sharply. The sensation on his torso was different from the assault of tickling he'd been suffering. He didn't know if the ninja was just tired, or...
                      • Seeing the blushing mage just made Kurogane smirk. Right now, it probably is becuase he's still a bit feverish, or because of the tea he had. But he doesn't care of that right now. Just touching Fai was what felt right.

                        With a slight chuckle, he starts to let his fingers graze higher and into/under Fai's shirt, now begining to lick whatever's exposed and goes up from there.
                        • Fai gasped as Kurogane's tongue touched his skin, his face turning an even darker shade. The thought that Kurogane would regret this later wouldn't leave Fai alone, but he couldn't help himself. His eyes slid closed and his free hand (as the other was pinned down) brushed through Kurogane's hair. The mage was beginning to feel uncomfortably tight in his jeans.
                          • With a growl that sounded mixed between pleased and predatory, Kurogane takes Fai's shirt off, if not almost ripping it. He then takes Fai's hand, the one in his hair, and starts to lick it.

                            While his other free hand grazes his chest and is heading down towards the tight-looking bulge in Fai's jeans and is about to unzip it.
                            • A mix between a moan and a whimper came from the mage as the tips of his fingers were teased. He let his head drop against the pillow and breathed heavily, until Kurogane's hand started traveling down. He grabbed the other man's wrist gently, just enough to stop him, and pushed himself onto his elbows. "Kuro, do you really want to--"
                              • "Hey guys!!!!"
                                With the swing of the door opening, Wil looks in, with a grin on his face and all.

                                "The others wanted me to check up on you two and-" the archer traled off, blinking his puppy-like borwn eyes a the sight of these two men. Half-naked and.... looking like they were quite "tight" in their jeans.

                                ".....Oh!" he then gasps.

                                With that, he runs out the room, losing the door being him. But the two could still hear his cry of 'They were doing IT! They were doing IT!!'
                                • As if he had just been caught stealing the national treasure, Fai froze on the spot and his face turned a strange shade of white.
                                  • As if he was normal as any other day, he growled.
                                    "JUST WHAT DID YOU MEAN BY THAT, BRAT?!?!?!" he yelled, getting up, only to trip on the floor. Due to his pants down and still in a feveri-ish daze.
                                    • Being snapped back into reality by Kurogane's yelling, Fai hurried himself up, fumbling around for his shirt while mumbling something of an apology before hurrying past the fallen ninja (although he did briefly wonder when his pants became undone) and out the door. If Wil was running around telling everyone what happene, Fai didn't think it safe to go all the way back to his room, so he instead locked himself in the bathroom across the hall.
                                      • After fumbling to put his pants back up, Kurogane marches towards the door that Fai is now behind and bangs on it.

                                        After turning the knob, he realized it was locked. This resulted in another knock.
                                        "What do you think you're doing?!" he growls.
                                        • Fai was huddled up against the door, feeling it in his back when Kurogane pounded on it. He wasn't expecting Kurogane to follow him...

                                          "I-I'm sorry," he called as best he could through the door, hoping he didn't anger the ninja any further.
                                          • "Sorry for what?!" Kurogane replied, now trying to calm down and quit shouting.

                                            With a sigh, and after a few moments of some breathing, he tries again, and sicessfully not shouting.

                                            "Can I come in?" he says, in a somewhat stern tone. ((Hey, he at least is done raising his voice. yes? XD))
                                            • For a moment there was no reaction from inside the bathroom. But after a good couple of minutes of silence, Fai unlocked the door with a small click and shuffled to the side so he was insted leaning against the wall.
                                              • With the turn of a knob, Kurogane opens the door to find Fai huddled against the wall.
                                                Raising a brow, he starts to approach him.

                                                "....What is this about?" he asks, crossing arms and leaning his back against the wall, standing right beside Fai.
                                                "If it's about that little archer brat, I can break his face in or something." the ninja adds.
                                                • "Don't be so hard on him," Fai said with his best attempt at a smile. "He doesn't know any better."

                                                  Fai lowered his head back down and hugged his knees a little tighter. He didn't feel comfortable saying it, but he didn't want Kurogane to get angry with him again. After a moment, the mage mumbled an answer. "I just... I thought that once you got snapped back into reality, you'd regret it..."
                                                  • "Bah. 'Doesn't know any better'.. Tch. My ass." Kurogane muttered, shuffling a bit closer against the wall and a bit closer to Fai.

                                                    Looking left to right for a moment, while there was silence between the two, he then sighed and settled with patting the blonde's head.

                                                    "...Look, you're getting worked up over nothing." he muttered, but could still be heard.
                                                    • Fai's head lowered just a bit more for a moment, then after a silent pause he looked up with the biggest smile he could manage, despite his brow still twisting. "I'm really good at that," he laughed as best he could.
                                                      • In all honesty, that somewhat unverved Kurogane, but he's too proud to admit that. So he kept silence once more and remained that way for a couple of seconds.

                                                        Growling, he knelt down to Fai's level. And then he took a hold of the smaller man's shoulders and pulled him up to his level. In a way, he was relieved this guy's always been light.

                                                        "Think what you want. But I'm telling you that you don't have to this time." he says.
                                                        • Fai blinked up at Kurogane, his face flushing as he felt caught in a lie. He didn't know what to say, or what Kurogane wanted him to say. So he said what came out. "I'm sorry."
                                                          • "Hn." Kurogane scoffed. Now he realizes he's probably not going to make this guy listen this way.

                                                            A mix between a growl and a sigh, just sounding exasperatted, he then settles with pulling Fai close to him into a hug. Maybe it was a bit of a harder hug this time, but this guy never was much of an expert at these kind of things.

                                                            "Say sorry over nothing again like that, and I will toss you out a freaking window."
                                                            • Fai's face turned a darker shade when Kurogane pulled him towards himself. He felt a little squeezed by the ninja's arms, but he'd take it. "Sor--" he began before realizing what he was saying, then pressing his lips shut and glancing up at Kurogane with play-apprehension.
                                                              • Growling, Kurogane let a hand slide up and down Fai's sensitive side, as if using that as a little scold.
                                                                "You were aboout to say it again.."

                                                                "But I'll let it go" the ninja adds, loosening grip so Fai can get free from it, if he wanted to, or if he wanted to get more comfortable.

                                                                "....For now. So be lucky. Very lucky."
                                                                • A small, surprised noise came from the mage and he squirmed in Kurogane's hold on him. "Mmmh," was his reply to Kurogane's scolding, and he leaned his head against the ninja's shoulder, hoping it was okay.
                                                                  • With a startled noise, Kurogane was taken somewhat aback at Fai putting his head on his shoulder and, blaming it on the fever, is looking a bit flushed in the cheeks from this.

                                                                    He settles his back against the wall, making sure the both of them are comfortable, and just lets one free hand run a hand through the mage's hair and the other wrapped around his waist. Now that hand, Kurogane probably wasn't aware of.

                                                                    • Fai closed his eyes and gave a comfortable sigh, relaxed by the hand running thorugh his hair. "Kuro-rin?" Fai said gently after a few moments of silence.
                                                                      • "..Hn? What?" Kurogane just grunts, acknowledging Fai and waits for his answer.

                                                                        His hands never left the spots they were in and neither did the ninja bother moving.

                                                                        • "We're still in the bathroom..."
                                                                          • "........" Kurogane was silent, and flushed once again, for a second until he then cleared his throat and looks down at Fai.

                                                                            "Well, for your information, I was wanting to take a shower. But NO. You had to hog the bathroom all to yourself if I hadn't come in. >>" he retorted.

                                                                            Deciding it was eveutally time to get the smalle rman out of here, he then scoops up Fai from under his legs and starts to carry him out the bahthroom and back into the room.
                                                                            • Having dragged Saiga, Raven, and Lyn along, Wil had got back to the room to prove his point.

                                                                              With that, he opens the door once more and his eyes widen once mroe at the sight.

                                                                              "See!!!! They WERE doing IT!" he pointed and almost had a nosebleed.
                                                                              • With his face red from being carried and his arms wrapped around Kurogane's neck, Fai blinked at the crowd that greeted them. "Oh, dear, you caught us. Now how are we supposed to run away and elope in secret?" Fai said with mock-anguish.
                                                                                • "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY 'ELOPE'?!" Kurogane twitched and was red in face from that.
                                                                                  Growling, he set Fai down, at least making sur ehe doesn't drop him, and glances at Wil.

                                                                                  "AND YOU!!! EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING?!?!?!" he yells, now charging at the archer, despite not having his sword with him.

                                                                                  • Wil yelped as he turned around and started running right before Kurogane could get out the room himself.
                                                                                    • Grinning almost ear to ear since he got here to see the 'show', Saiga let out a hearty laugh.
                                                                                      "Ah, I love you kids." he says, after he finally stopped laughing.

                                                                                      "Such a lively bunch, yes?" he turned to Lyn and Raven.
                                                                                      • Raven just blinked at the sight and especially at what Saiga found so funny.
                                                                                        "....." he raised a brow at the chase that was now behind them.

                                                                                        "...Not exactly what I had to see, though." he then finally replies.
                                                                                        • Fai stood in the room, hands on his hips as Kurogane chased Wil, Lyn chased Kurogane and Saiga and Raven marveled at it. "My, my," he declared with an exhasperated smile. "He seems to be feeling better!"
                                                                                          • Saiga grinned once more, randomly petting Raven ((Just because Saiga love pushing people's buttons that way. XDD)), who then shoved him away and then quickly left the room to make sure Wil OR Kurogane were still in one piece.

                                                                                            "Yeah. The guy is a fast healer, I guess." Saiga replies, just enjoying the show.

                                                                                            Then he scooted a little close to Fai and whispered in his ear
                                                                                            'Was he any good, boy?', he asked.
                                                                                            • "Ah, I actually didn't get to find out," Fai answered with a nervous chuckle, "but don't tell, hm?"
                                                                                              • "What?! You didn't?! D=" Saiga almost sounded dramatic when he said that.

                                                                                                "Oh, woe!!! What kind of boyfriend is he?!?!" he says, letting an arm wrap around Fai.

                                                                                                With that, Saiga gives him a pat.
                                                                                                "My sympathies, my friend... There will be other times!!"
                                                                                                • Fai blinked a couple of times and looked down with a small smile. "...Yeah, there will be."
                                                                                                  • Saiga smiled, patting Fai once more.

                                                                                                    "Damn right there will be! I would know. See how me and my honey turned out!" he says, grinning ear to ear. Even though he knows he sounded like a dork saying it, it's just that thinking baout Kakei made him.. just very happy. There was no other way to describe it. He'd have to strain his brain if he had to.

                                                                                                    "Hm.. what shame. You're way more ahead than my lovechild is. D=" the much taller man sighs.
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